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Sanctuary cities: the breeding ground for MS-13 criminals

The sanctuary city for liberals is supposed to be the height compassion: we are compassionate because we don't enforce immigration laws; we don't deport people who are here illegally. But the reality is much different. Sanctuary cities and counties have become dangerous for the Hispanic immigrant community precisely because immigration laws are not being enforced.

Across the U.S. immigrant communities have become havens for Hispanic gangs like MS-13 in formerly safe middle class neighborhoods. In Suffolk and Nassau counties in Long Island, La Mara Savatrucha, MS-13, has been recruiting teens to wreck havoc on communities there.

There were a reported 400 gang members operating in Suffolk and Nassau counties in September of 2016. During the last years of the Obama administration, these counties have seen major crimes in Hispanic communities committed by members of MS-13. Four Hispanic teens were murdered by MS-13 gang members last year in Long Island. Worse, the teens who were killed were targeted by another teen. They were lured into a wooded area where they were brutally mutilated with weapons.

It would not seem to be compassionate to allow criminals like MS-13 gang members to run free. But when sanctuary cities don't cooperate with immigration officials to help deport illegal alien criminals, that's what is happening. This message has not gotten through to a liberal media that support these sanctuary cities.

Members of the media keep the sanctuary city drumbeat going despite the danger of illegal immigration. Many reporters believe Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) should not enforce immigration laws, or should stay out of immigrant communities. More than one reporter raised questions about ICE enforcement at the press conference with Tom Homan, acting ICE director.

“They are afraid that they are going to be taken out of the country, that you’re going to deport them,” said one reporter. That’s why people are not coming forward (as witnesses), they think they’re going to be deported."

But the reality is much different than this perspective. Hispanic people living in the U.S. illegally actually provide a unique recruiting opportunity for MS-13 gang members. They want to train them, the younger the better, to become killers of other Hispanic immigrants, Homan said at White House press conference in June.

ICE prioritizes its arrests based on criminal history, national security, those who violate immigration laws, and does not target victims of crime, he said. “We need to communities help, and we need local law enforcement’s help (to do that)."

Another reporter questioned an arrest by ICE made against an illegal in Texas. He attempted to explain that a woman in El Paso was unnecessarily detained. She was seeking an order against a domestic abuser.

“That case you are talking about, you obviously don’t know all the facts, that I do,” he said. “There is much more to that story than what you are presenting here today. It was a good arrest. It was a solid arrest.”

Homan said it is a crime to “enter this country illegally. He said the media message of allowing people here illegally actually drives people to risk coming to the U.S. illegally.

Cities like San Francisco and Chicago, and states like California have flaunted their lack of cooperation with ICE in detaining and handing over illegal aliens. Most of us know about the case of Kathryn "Kate" Steinle, who was allegedly killed by Juan Francisco López-Sánchez after he fired a .40 caliber handgun at Pier 14 in the Embarcadero area of San Francisco. She died two hours later at a hospital. Lopez-Sanchez is a resident of Mexico.

He was first convicted of a drug charge in 1991 in the U.S, and has since kept immigration enforcement agents busy. He has been deported from the United States five times, and has been in and out of jail.

These facts alone would seem to be reason to think that something needs to change. But that's not the case. Rather than deport him, he is being tried in San Francisco, where he has pled not guilty to 1st degree murder.

His defense attorney claims the shooting was accidental. Lopez-Sanchez is probably getting better treatment at the San Francisco jail that at any jail in Mexico or Central America.

Media narrative about people who are here illegally is false

The rationale of allowing people to stay here illegally is why people die trying to cross the border with Mexico, according to Homan.  If you get by border patrol and get into the country and past local law enforcement, no one’s looking for you, is actually the reason why people die trying to get hear, he said.

“You should ignore them, they’ve been here, let them go,” he said, explaining the reasoning. “That is a magnet for (traffickers),” he said. It’s actually criminal organizations that transport people into the U.S., he said. “It’s the same people who smuggle drugs and weapons,” he said.

Homan presented multiple instances of death scenes that were caused by people wanting to come into the country illegally. The same gangs that distribute illegal drugs are the ones that illegally traffic people, he said.

In one instance, he opened a trailer that was full of corpses. Among the bodies were a man and his son, who were being trafficked from south of the border. They were left in the trailer and starved to death, he said.

The reality is that Hispanic people living in the U.S. illegally provide a unique recruiting opportunity for MS-13 gang members. They want to train them, the younger the better, to become killers of other hispanic immigrants, he said.

If a member of MS-13 is being held in a county jail in a sanctuary city, “they get released back into the streets. That’s what we need to change.”

Sanctuary cities are the immigrant smuggler’s best friend, he said. They not only endanger public safety, they  also “endanger my law enforcement officers,” he said. Instead of arresting a violent criminal in the county jail, “we have to go knock on a door,” he said, which is dangerous for ICE officers.

“We have to start thinking about public safety and the men and women of ICE and the border patrol,” he said.

Many ICE officers have been killed in the past two years by criminal aliens, he said.

ICE expects to triple agreements with local law enforcement to allow the criminal illegals to be removed from their law enforcement jurisdiction, he said.

“These people are not welcome in their communities,” he said.

Herr said the Justice Department is also “holding sanctuary cities responsible for their lawless conduct,” he said.

"The attorney general will not allow sanctuary cities to become sanctuary cities for criminals,” Herr said.

The Justice Department is limiting some grants to cities that continue with their sanctuary status.

Herr said all cities must allow federal immigration officials access to local prisons,, and provide 48 hours notice before they release an illegal alien wanted by federal authorities.

MS-13 gang crimes in Maryland: mata viola controlla

Herr said he personally prosecuted MS-13 gang related cases in Maryland that included capital cases that were “so violent, and so heinous, that the government sought to pursue the death penalty.” He learned from the affected families, just what a scourge this group of thugs really is.

The gangs motto is mata viola controlla, which means kill, rape and control, he said. “They seek to live up to this motto, through truly shocking acts of violence, designed to instill fear - vicious machete attacks, execution style gun shots, gang rape and human trafficking."

Guns, knives, machettes, tire irons, baseball bats, or their fists and feet are some of the weapons they use, he said. “Not just to inflict violence, but to shock, to control, to send a message here in the U.S. and in the world.

The federal government also has critical partnerships with state and local police departments around the country, whose members are “truly on the front lines.” in the fight against MS-13.

ICE witnesses heinous crimes against illegals

Smugglers kill and rape people: In 2003, Homan investigated trafficking incidents in San Antonio and Victoria, Texas. One man had his whole head duct-taped, with a straw poked through so he could breath.

In Victoria, Texas, he found a tractor trailer with 19 dead illegals, with a five-year-old and his father, he said. They had been trafficked by gangs. “What do you think the five-year-old thought the last 30 minutes of his life,” Homan asked the Washington Post Reporter. “What do you think the father went through the last 30 minutes of his life, looking down at his son?”

In Phoenix, people were killed who could not pay their smuggler fees, he said.

Homan said the media claims that if you are here illegally and don’t commit another crime, it’s okay to be here.

“It’s not okay to be here illegally,” he said. “It’s not okay to violate the laws of this country. We’re going to enforce (the) law. “No where else in law enforcement have they asked law enforcement to ignore an order from a judges bench."

Nassau and Suffolk no longer sanctuary counties

Because of the danger of MS-13 gang members and the resulting homicides and gang related crime, Nassau and Suffolk counties in Long Island started cooperating more effectively with ICE to help remove gang members from the counties. They were previously sanctuary counties.

In 2014, Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco said he would not hold immigrants for ICE agents “unless its agents presented a warrant from an immigration judge.” In December of last year after Trump was elected and announced potential penalties to sanctuary cities, he changed course.

MS-13 was responsible for 17 killings in Suffolk county since January of 2016. About 400 MS-13 gang members were operating in Suffolk County in September, police said, in a report by the New York Times.

Most of the sanctuary cities are located in traditionally liberal states and cities like California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Massachusetts. Other cities include Chicago and New Orleans. But there are other sanctuary counties located throughout the Midwest and the South, in states like Iowa and Pennsylvania.

What this means is that in these cities and counties, criminals who are here illegally often have as many rights as regular citizens. Instead of being released to ICE for deportation, the go before a judge and a warrant must be presented, which takes time. In typical fashion, they simply don't show up for the court date.

In California, multiple offenses against U.S. citizens have been committed by illegals who were not detained for ICE deportation by local law enforcement.If the reality of the dangers of becoming a sanctuary city were apparent to these cities, like it is now under the Trump administration, it’s doubtful that it would have become a popular concept.

And it’s hard to blame local sheriff’s and county law enforcement; if the federal government does not want to pick them up, there is really no reason for them to hold them. Sheriffs in most counties run for election. They are just doing what is popular. But the reality is that these local sheriffs in sanctuary cities and counties are putting people at risk.

Facts about illegal immigration put liberal media on the defense

The reality of illegal immigration and sanctuary city's failure to enforce illegal immigration puts the liberal media on the defense. The facts should be an embarrassment to the liberal media that supports sanctuary cities. They foster the idea that any enforcement of immigration laws was racist, when in fact, Trump was right to question the harboring of criminals who were here illegally. One reporter at the press conference stupidly asked Homan about the characteristics police to determine who gang members are.

This demonstrates the dangerous and naive nature of the media in regard to criminals. They actually have made it easier for criminals to continue to victimize people in the U.S., mostly those of Hispanic backgrounds, that are here legally.

Even the fact that MS-13 began in Los Angeles, for some liberals, seems to placate them, or given them a reason to blame the U.S. once again. It shouldn't. There is no blaming of liberal officials in California for the fact that MS-13 was formed in Los Angeles and then spread to other areas of the nation. It's just the opposite; California has proposed becoming a sanctuary state.

It should be shocking that illegal criminals were able to spread to other areas of the U.S. with impunity. The logical conclusion should be that somewhere along the line, the Obama administration did something wrong. It was the Obama administration that made it more difficult for ICE to apprehend criminals that are here illegally. Los Angeles and San Francisco officials gladly went along with this policy.

Despite these glaring facts, it isn't likely that the attitude of reporters and liberal media outlets is likely to change. The reason is that they would rather be wrong than agree that Trump was right throughout his campaign and into his presidency. Rather than carry a correct message that might save lives, they will continue to trumpet a false narrative.

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