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Ann Coulter battles the political correctness nobility; Van Jones is not sure what it is

We learned a little more about Van Jones at a debate with Ann Coulter at Politicon, hosted by Center for Progressive Urban Politics at the Pasadena Convention Center June 25, 26 (2016). Jones thinks Republicans like Donald Trump and Coulter don’t have as much right to talk about blacks, or any other minorities for that matter.

"I'll try to hang out with the facts," Jones says. "When you talk about communities, you don't talk to. You wind up making mistakes."

The upshot is that Jones should decide how Donald Trump talks and what he says, in regard to race and minorities. Jones is saying that Republicans and conservatives should not talk to them, because only Jones and people who look like him have that ability. Only he can decide that. He can talk about them, because he is one. Likewise, only Democrats are allowed to talk about black problems or any other kinds of problems like poverty. If a liberal black calls someone a racist, it's true. If a conservative black does, it's questionable.

There are a lot worse things than political correctness.

But isn’t that because Pres. Obama is the major political correctness offender?

The problem is that Jones is guilty of conflating issues and what people say.

In general, Jones does not understand what it means to be politically correct.

He claims that it used to be called civility. But this this is just misunderstanding what politically correct means. How is it possible to confuse civility with political correctness?

Jones says it’s civilization. Civilization? It’s not hard to figure out. Coulter attempts to describe it to him.

"People think they have a sense of nobility when they correct other people’s language," she says. An example she cites: Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall described blacks as Negroes, or the Negro race. It was never used as an epithet. We go from colored to Negro to  African American to person of color. So we take 50 years to go from colored to a person of color.

On the other hand, only some groups should be allowed to express anger. 

Expressing anger may be new for some groups (Republicans like Trump), but it’s not new for other groups, Jones says.

"If you are Donald Trump, part of your main calling card is your authenticity," he says.

"Authentic outrage. As if that demographic has been unable to speak freely for 200 years.

But I’ve got 40 million black people, and we’re pissed off. Muslims are pissed off. Hispanics are pissed off."

The upshot is that Donald Trump's anger is not valid, because he is not black. But Jones is. So his anger matters.

Let’s let Jones explain it: This is what he thinks Republicans think: All Latinos are Mexicans; All Mexicans are immigrants; most immigrants, are illegal or undocumented; most of them are rapists and horrible people.

“That is not what they mean to say,” Jones says.

That's not what they mean to say. And that's not what they say. And this is not what Trump says. It's what Jones wants him to say. What does Jones mean? Trump should not be talking about illegal immigrants from Mexico. Again, political correctness limits what people can say, because if the truth offends a group, or they are upset, it's bad. Who should decide the boundaries of political correctness? Jones should.

Trump should have talked to Jones first, so he could validate his anger. If you are a leftist radical, your anger, and the anger of a lot of the protesters, is valid. If you are Trump, it's not, because you are white.

"But now, more than 50 percent of Latinos are a community," Jones says. "They have been pushed into this identity. Democrats could not do this. We’re not competent enough. This level of antipathy and tone deafness has created now, a massive political constituency."

If you say the word American, there is this image that comes up. It’s as though Jones wants to decide if people act well enough to be able to be called American. What Jones does is called posturing. He wants to get extra credit because he is black. He does not have to be a radical like his brothers and sisters in the Black Lives Matter movement. They are doing it for him.

He does not agree that conservatives should be shut out from college campuses. He's being generous. Why not be generous? His side, the leftist side is rarely or never shut out from college campuses. And Jones would never be shut out.

"This idea of shut them down if we don’t agree with them is stronger on the left," Jones says. "I don’t agree with that; I think it’s dangerous."

But actually Jones did attempt to shut down Jeffrey Lord, a commentator on CNN, a Trump supporter. That would mean that he is dangerous. But he can't be dangerous, because he is black. He is allowed to shut down a Trump supporter like Lord because Lord is white and Jones is black.

What is civility? What is civilization? It's allowing someone else to talk. That's what civility is. it's not killing someone else because you disagree with them.

Jones also has his own views on corruption. Evidently he has been brought into the world of the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation, where rich people are coerced into forking over fast sums of money.

"The Clinton Foundation has done incredible good - scary amounts of good in the world," Jones says. What is scary is that people would clap after he says that. That’s scary.

Most not-for-profit organizations have a very high amount of giving, at least Christian organizations. That’s the whole point. Give as much money as possible to the people who need it. That’s not what has happened with the Clinton Foundation. But that does not bother Jones, because he is so close to power and corruption and the Clintons.

"I’m just going to be honest, we’re all friends here," he says. "Bill Clinton frog marches all these people into one room."

They they are hand-twisted into handing out money, he says.

It's good, like an orgy, he says.

Hillary Clinton "has turned his post-presidency into an orgy of good stuff."

It's likely that Jones is enjoying his 15 minutes, or 30 minutes of fame. Get a Yale law degree. Be appointed to a czar position with the White House that you are not qualified for, because you are black. Become a CNN commentator, get paid lots of money. If whites can do this, why not blacks? It's no question that Jones has taken advantage of this. And Pres. Obama has enabled it.

As to the event overall, the progressive left, the Center for Progressive Urban Politics, had trouble labeling Coulter and Jones. Coulter was given the title right wing pundit. Jones is a commentator and not so much left wing, although in reality, he is a radical and a leftist, with Communist leanings.

It's more politically correct to say that Jones is not a Communist, however.

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