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Milo Yiannopoulis and the threat of American academia

Milo Yiannopoulos took on American academia and the left in his Dangerous Faggot tour of American college campuses in early 2016. He made appearances, and "caused" disturbances at a number of college campuses, but most notably Rutgers University in New Jersey. The tours are mostly sponsored, or emceed, the college Republicans on each campus.

At Rutgers, protesters, who were all female, interrupted his talk by smearing red paint on their faces. Black Lives Matter women, and one black man, also interrupted his talk, yelling things, raising their hands. It’s an odd, but typical comeback of the left, to try to disrupt something that one disagrees with. And there is a lot for the left to disagree with about what Yiannopoulos says.

Rutgers then hosted a meeting so the students could talk about their feelings and receive support for what happened. Such incidents and people are referred to as crybullies, because they claim they have been offended, while at the same time, are disrupting an event, and yelling things as students who are attending peacefully and want to listen to the speaker. So they are verbal bullies, attention seekers, who do not believe that all are entitled to the freedoms listed in the Bill of Rights.

Still, he asks the students at Bucknell University:

“What is so threatening to the progressive left about a gay man with the wrong opinions,” he says to the crowd. “I’ve come to the conclusion that the quality of debate on the academic left as exemplified by the academic left has reached such intellectual lows, that the only way the left has to interrogate arguments is on the basis of the identity of the speaker.”

On the other hand, he is sexually offensive.

He says he is a gay man “that likes dick.”

He gets away with saying this because he is homosexual.

It proves the bias of the left because if he were a heterosexual, he would not be allowed to say, I like pussy or vagina. But Yiannopoulos understands that he can get away with this, precisely because the progressive left in academia things that he is an oppressed segment of the population that needs love and understanding.

Yiannopoulos point is that if the speaker were offensive in a way that is popular with leftists, like deviant sexual topics, there would be no interest or protest. But because the speaker is challenging progressive leftist positions, he is considered a threat.

But the fact that he labels his talks as dangerous and faggot, it something of a play on words, because he is coming out and saying that his talk is dangerous, when clearly it is not.

The word faggot is also considered a profane word and an insult, at least in this country, by the left, for homosexuals, so he is provocative in that way.

Milo also offends by talking openly about his sexual preferences, and what he does in private. Much of how he describes in private is rated R. For example, he talks about how he likes dick, meaning he likes oral sex with men. But if the same were confessed by a man, they would be thought sexist.

Yiannopoulos is also insulting and insults people on the left. He makes fun of the entire LGBT crowd, even though he is outspoken about how his gay and prefers black men, and is sexual to the point of being offensive. It’s hard for the left, and academia on the left on theses campuses to argue against him, because he is part of what is considered an oppressed sexual minority - homosexuals who are men.

It's similar to Black Lives Matter and that the left has to support their movement because it represents race, however wrong they are.

The difference is that Black Lives Matter openly incites people to violence: they support and encourage crowds to say things like: "Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon.:

Proposing that the police be killed or friend is really inciting violence against the police.

He also argued against feminist and says that they are already won the war for women’s equality. They don’t have anything more to fight about, so they have to pick new battles over things that are meaningless, since women have as many or more opportunities than men.

Other topics he talks about are the rape culture on the college campus, which is says is nonsense.

Colleges claim that campus rape is on par with rape in African countries, like the Congo, a country in Africa.

In the Congo, “rape is used as a weapon of war,” he said on one of his campus tours. “That’s . . . doesn’t stand up to the slightest bit of common sense.”

He also says the wage gap, between men and women is a fiction and that it’s dangerous to say so.

“It becomes dangerous and difficult to say those things because the media and academia are all in on these fictions, progressive memes that simply aren’t true. It becomes difficult to speak out, and people become worried about losing friends, or about losing their jobs in some cases.”

There is a similarity between Donald Trump, the candidate, and Y, because they both talk about the dishonesty in the media.

“You are being lied to every day,” Y says. “They know they are doing it. They do it any way. the primary purpose of journalism has stopped being telling the truth, talking about the way the world really is, and has become virtue signally to their peers about what nice people they are. And so it’s this narrative over fact type of journalism.”

It’s a description of the world as it ought to be, or of these scary worlds that don’t exist.

They are telling an important story, even if their facts aren’t right.

An important area where this has happened is the hysterical rape incident reporting that blows up in the media and catches their attention, but then turns out to be false, Y says.

“Why does this happen,” he asks. “Because the journalists don’t care about the facts or evidence based conclusions or exposing wrong-doing.

So if rape runs rampant on college campuses, then isn’t there something wrong with college campuses and the way they are being run, asks Y.

If these places are hotbeds of racism and sexism, maybe we need a change in the administration, he says.

“Maybe it would be better if conservatives ran them for a while, because clearly it’s not working under liberalism,” he adds.

Y credits the West and America with many advances for giving rights to women, including the right to vote and rights in the work place.

“That is not something that most of the rest of the world can claim,” Y says. “We should be proud of that.”

Giving women the vote seems an obvious thing to do, he said.

“It isn’t in most of the rest of the world,” Y says. “Just like many other things aren’t obvious in most of the rest of the world.”

He gives a lecture in Minnesota with Christina Hoffman, called “Calm Down.”

The modern feminist movement has become a sort of female chauvinism, he says.

“It’s a form of female supremacy, where men are routinely vilified and ridiculed.”

“Women have been told for 30 years that they want to be treated just like men,” he says. There is no difference. Any difference between the genders is socially constructed. Women are just as tough and just as able as men. In many cases they are, but in many cases, they’re not a tough as men.”

Women, under the feminist ideal, can be treated as “combatants in a culture war.”

But it does not work, he says, because, women don’t want to be taunted, as in sports, in the same way as men. Why? Because they are simply more sensitive than men, he says.

Y writes and speaks about the situations around the world, but mostly he confronts the liberal policies of the left that have failed and continue to fail.

As for Islam, he says that Islam represents to great a threat to our culture that “we need to consider very carefully whether these people are allowed to join our societies.”

“We are not under any obligation to import barbaric, backward cultures, which suppress women, which discriminate against homosexuals,” Y says to the Rutgers crowd.

Freedom does not mean that 5 million people should be allowed to come into the country and detonate the destruction of our life, he says about the threat of Islam.

As for the Republicans, Y says they started looking to the liberal media and liberals in general for approval, and no longer trusts grassroots elements of the Republican Party.

The result is that they no longer play offense, they play defense, he says.

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