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The sky is falling on the Republican Party

The sky is falling on the Republican Party; chicken little was right. It’s time to panic, because the Republican Party has utterly failed to produce a candidate like Donald Trump, who can appeal to a broad range of people across the spectrum of America.

America, Republicans in America, would rather have a successful TV entertainer, who doubles as a businessman, than any of the Republican candidates, or the Republican Party.

The people who voted for Trump don’t care about the Republican Party.

That’s because the Republican Party cowers in fear, in Washington, D.C., in New York City, in other major areas of the country.

When push comes to shove, the Republican Party does not have the back of the American people; they never really have.

That means people like Majority Leaders Mitch McConnell and John Boehner; neither of them hold a relative candle to Trump, to his ability to inspire people to follow, to speak the truth.

What both are is negotiators, but the worst kind of negotiators.

At least Trump is a professional negotiator. Both McConnell and Boehner are failed negotiators.

The Republican Party is without an ideological leader, because the party has nobody to lead it.

At least the Democratic Party, with Debbie Wassermann Schultz, though she lies, has the back of Democrats - and the most radical Democrats in congress.

The reason why Trump is successful is that he speaks and says what Republicans in either house, are not willing to say.

Neither one was willing to challenge giving citizenship to everyone who crosses the border and has a child, including George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush , or Paul Ryan during the vice presidential bid for the White House.

In fact, both Mitt Romney and Ryan were so weak and unwilling to tell the truth about Democrats that you would think they were on drugs or drunk.

Romney could not and did not say what Trump said. Romney was weak; he was not willing to say what was necessary to get elected. He had it all, he had all the ammunition that he needed.

Only vice president Dick Cheney was willing to take it to the mat, despite being slandered mercilessly by the press.

Then there was weak willing Dubya, who was not willing to get involved in challenging all sort of maligning by the left, despite doing things like saving Africa. He never really got credit for it; Clinton got credit for being the first black president, or was labeled as such.

What is happening to Trump is really jealousy, as well as a lot of other things. None of the senators, governors, were as popular as Trump.

So it’s really a lot of whining, whining, whining; Sen. Lindsey Graham went along to get along, in the microcosm of regularly not being credit for doing anything.

Many of these senators watched as the current president was not only vetted, but was given credit for things he never did.

There is an onslaught of biased and dishonest reporting from MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, PBS, NPR, Huffington Post. That’s eight, compared to one or two.

What’s a senator or a congressman to do, except throw up their hands.

But none of them had the audacity to tell the truth about the media, that they never vetted Bill Clinton, Hillary, or President Obama.

So what does Trump do? He does not play by the rules, the Republican rules handed down from senators and congressmen, to cower in fear at the media, at their dishonesty, at their compounding lies.

And this is what Trump is in trouble for; this is what is not fair about what he is doing.

He is not playing according to failing Republican, conservative rules, set down by Sen. Ted Cruz. Challenge the establishment; challenge the media; tell the truth about them.

Now we have all kinds of doomsday telling, like Armageddon. And the problem is really that Trump is too successful for the Republican establishment.

They really can’t handle it.

The conservative Republicans want to stay hidden, until they absolutely have to come out of the closet. But by then it’s too late. The Trump plane, jet, helicopter has flown. It’s taken off. And it left the likes of Sen. Graham behind. All they have left is to grieve, moan and wail. Because Trump is in control, and he completely ignored the conservatives at National Review, American Spectator, and anywhere else you can think of.

Who are these people, Paul Kengor, with the American Spectator. We conservatives have our elites also; they don’t care that Trump recognizes that jobs are being lost. It doesn’t matter to him. Unfortunately, this is not how American politics works. If that were the case, if we would have to bow down to Mr. Kengor, 

Bernie Sanders would not have had a chance against Hillary Clinton.

It’s panic, but it’s also that Trump truly does not care about Kengor. And that riles him, and people at the National Review as well. Half a dozen Republican candidates could have beaten Hillary. But in politics, could have does not matter. This is why his opinion does not really matter; they honestly could not beat Clinton if they could not beat Trump. It’s doesn’t make sense; but it does make sense. People with a better message and presentation beat other candidates; people who don’t lose to people who do. He describes Trump as a charlatan and a con man. But think about it; Trump is popular because he is not fake, he is real. Where is the charlatan? He is a con man. He’s using his own money. It doesn’t make sense. He has brought up issues that no one else brought up. Sounds very genuine. Sounds real. Con men operate shell games. Con men are Bernie Madoff. 

Trump operates profitable businesses. Who is he conning? Trump is actually not afraid of turning the electorate off. If there is a con man, it is Obama. Why be more concerned with Trump than Obama? Again, it’s a lot of jealously, of being left out, of being told that you are irrelevant, by Trump. The people honestly believe that conservatives like the National Review are irrelevant. It does not sit well with them.

Reject the cult of celebrity. What cult of celebrity? Ted Cruz made it in the National Review. Is that what we are talking about? We are in the shark tank, and Trump has emerged the victor. What we are talking about is really foolish, because they think it makes them look foolish if they are ignored by Trump. And it does. But who cares? The electorate does not care. The electorate will elect someone like Trump, who will bring jobs back and protect jobs. This somehow sounds foolish to conservatives from the National Review.

And then there is Thomas Sowell. He thinks the election of Trump means that conservatives are going to lose the House and Senate. But revolutions rarely mean that. Trump is a populist like He can’t understand - or does not want to. He thinks Trump is Herbert Hoover. How’s that? Because he wants to bring jobs back? I don’t get it.

For every conservative never Trumper, there are a dozen people bashing the Republican Party. Trump can handle these people like the Republican Party never could. That’s why the sky is falling on conservative pundits from the National Review and American Spectator. They don’t matter. Trump does.

© 2016 Larry Ingram

(Originally published May 7, 2016)

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