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Queen Michelle has a nutrition conniption fit

"Off with their heads," shouted the queen. The quote is from the queen of hearts in Alice in Wonderland, a novel by the writer Lewis Carroll. "

She is a foul-tempered monarch whom Carroll himself describes as "a blind fury", and who is quick to give death sentences at the slightest offense. One of her most famous lines she states often is "Off with their heads!"

But in this case, it isn’t the Queen of England, who is making irrational demands, it is the self-appointed nutrition queen of the United States, former First Lady Michelle Obama. It’s been a while since the Queen of England had that kind of authority. The Queen of Hearts is fictional. But Michelle Obama, in her self-appointed fury, is quite real.

The former first lady attended a nutrition conference, Partnership for a Healthier America Summit in Washington, D.C. She seated in front of the audience, seated next to her former personal chef Sam Kass - former personal chef as in at the White House, rebuked the mild relaxing the school nutrition guidelines that were adopted at the behest of Michelle. (PHA was actually started by the Obamas in an attempt to influence America to eat healthier).

At the conference in May (2017), Michelle voiced opposition to how her own regulations about school lunches have been challenged under the Trump administration. That’s an understatement.

Why don’t you want our kids to have good food in school?” she told Kass. “What is wrong with you? And why would that be a partisan issue? Why is that political? What is going on? Think about why someone is okay with your kids eating crap? Why would you celebrate that? Why would you sit idly (by) and be okay with that? Cause here’s the secret:

She goes on:

“Cause here’s the secret: If someone is doing that, they don’t care about your kid.”

“We should be driving this. And every elected official should understand - don’t play with our children. Don’t do it.”

Michelle’s approach to food was similar to unpopular kings or queens of England or whatever monarchy you might want to think of.

Under Obama’s administration, schools cut salt in lunch program diets, were forced to serve whole grains, and had to serve fat free, or skim milk. As one can imagine, these kinds of food are not popular with most elementary, middle school or high school students. 

Hot pockets or anything else typically high in salt, like most pizza similar to that served at popular pizza establishments, like Pizza Hut or Little Caesar’s are off the menu.

But Michelle went further in dictating what children should eat and school districts should serve. She pushed (or forced) children, students, to place a piece of fruit on their tray. What happened? The fruit was usually untouched or ignored in ways that only middle school and high school children can ignore food they don’t like. They fruit was then summarily emptied in the trash, resulting in massive quantities of wasted food.

School districts and parents across the country are aware of this - both of Michelle’s oppressive regulations and the wasted food. After all, wasted food means wasted money, funds and resources that can be used in other ways.

This is what she said at a nutrition conference earlier this year:

"Moms, think about this. I don't care what state you live in, take me out of the equation, like me, don't like me, but think about why someone is OK with your kids eating crap," she said to the gathered audience.

"This wasn't, you know, fake news," Obama said in her first public remarks to a Washington audience since leaving the White House.

"Every elected official on this planet should understand, don't play with our children. Don't do it," she said.

There is really nothing more to say, is there? The queen, queen Michelle, has been challenged. Queen Michelle is not happy. Parents take note of this before you take them to any of their favorite restaurants like McDonalds to get a happy meal that contains evil things like a cheeseburger or fries or a sugar sweetened drink. Do not even go there. In fact, it would really help if you were to place a photo of Michelle on the dashboard of you car and look at here before you do anything for your children.

Michelle wants to let it be known that she, her attitude, is not fake news. Now we know. We are duly informed.

"Kids, my kids included, if they could eat pizza and french fries every day with ice cream on top and a soda, they would think they were happy, until they got sick," she said.

Pizza and french fries every day with ice cream on top. That’s a novel idea. Maybe the ice cream after the pizza and fries. It’s really a verbal joist from Michelle. Take that people who like food that tastes good. I’ll mix your food together so you don’t know which way it’s coming from. It sounds like Michelle is attempting to confuse restaurants. Now they are going to start serving pizza with fries. Not likely. Most pizza places don’t serve ice cream.

Michelle’s thinking should be noted. It was part of their oppressive regime change, the dictatorial, marxist thinking that was owned by the Obama’s. The Obama’s are not happy about having all of the dictatorial acts of their legacy undone. And it’s why Trump was elected in the first place. Americans like choice. They like to be able to choose whatever they want to eat or drink.

But this is how leftists solve problems: they place onerous burdens on people; they pass laws, regulations regarding how we should live, determining how many ounces of soda we should drink. They even pass restrictions on the size and quantity of sodas that can be purchased, like the onerous New York City regulation that restricted soda container purchases.

The Sugary Drinks Portion Cap rule restricted soda purchases to 16 ounces or less. Who was the mayor at the time? Michael Bloomberg, another leftist schemer. On June 2014, the New York Court of Appeals ruled that the New York City Board of Health exceeded the “scale of its regulatory authority.” That really says it all.

She also wanted to control the amount of soda intake, with Drink Up. It was an effort that was supposed to get people to drink more water and less soda. She means well. But like many leftists, she wants to force people to simply obey because she thinks she knows better than most parents.

“How about we stop asking kids how they feel about their food,” she says.

She says that parents did not know that the foods they were eating were having this kind of an effect on their children. But that’s not true. People have known this for years, if not decades. It’s is the reason for the popularity of health food and restaurants like Panera Bread Company, which focuses on healthy food. This is her reasoning, which is common for leftist. What is true of me must be true of others. I didn’t know about healthy food, others must not either. It’s called flawed leftist thinking. Because I discovered something, let’s pass a law that reflects how enlightened I have become.

It’s not out of bounds for her to want to control restaurants and the foods that she considers unhealthy:

“Sell your products. Make your money. But just do it in a way that doesn’t kill our kids,” she says. “How about that. And we can work together on that.

There is some truth to what she is saying though, because some children are overweight, or fat, because they eat too much fattening food. The problem is that her lecturing is misplaced. Instead of focusing on all school districts, and all parents and children, she should focus most of her attention of African American children, black children, those who are most prone to obesity and the resulting ills associated with it.

“Before you know it, your kid has Type 2 diabetes, and you're confused and shocked and hurt," she said. 

She is not speaking to whites in general here. She is speaking to blacks and black culture. The problem is that blacks have ignored her plea during her time in the White House. They like the fact that she and her husband are in the White House. They just ignore the diet restrictions that she thinks all of us should adhere to. Michelle probably knows this, but can’t talk about the real problem in the black community.

It’s a fact that the black community suffers from a much higher rate of hypertension and Type 2 diabetes as a result of their diet habits and food culture.

There is a cultural history in the black community, or black culture, of eating high fat and high salt foods of all kinds. Soul food is typically high in fat. Potato chips are a favorite in black communities. But potato chips are high in starch and fat. 

A study in 1996 found that many of the medical ills that blacks suffer from in the inner city is the result of their diet not poverty. It was published by the Health Education Department of Pennsylvania State University. In fact, what the study found was that the medical problems related to blacks as a result of diet occurred no matter the socio-economic level that they were in.

The study’s conclusion:

“The high mortality from diet-related diseases among African Americans strongly suggests a need to adopt diets lower in total fat, saturated fat and salt and higher in fiber. However, such changes would be contrary to some traditional African American cultural practices.”

The problem with this conclusion is that it does not fit with Michelle’s admonition in general, or of most leftist who believe that blacks in the inner city are largely victims who cannot control their destiny because of their surroundings. They would prefer to think of blacks as being a race that has been victimized by whites.

The study also discovered that what blacks eat depends on who they are eating with and where they are eating what they are eating. What this means is that blacks often eat what they eat simply because they are around other people who are like them, or that they are unduly influenced by other blacks.

This conclusion presents another problem. Explain these results to a group of black people and you would probably be called racist. Are you saying that if we black people ate around more white people we would eat healthier food? Yes. Probably.

For a leftist like Michelle O., this is anathema. Why? Because if blacks in the inner city are perceived as such by Democrats, they certainly can’t or should not do anything to improve their lot. That’s something that they should not be encouraged to explore. Why if black politicians start reforming their culture, they just might start voting for a Republican. She also wants this to be a partisan issue, as though Republicans, conservatives are damaging the health of black Americans. That’s her real message” “Don’t let white Republicans like Trump do this to our black children.” Again, it’s insidious. But with an administration that perfected the art of race baiting, it’s not surprising.

So the former First Lady is left to stay on her throne, handing out edicts to whoever will listen. She has a listening ear at the Partnership for a Healthier America. Queen Michelle has spoken. Off with your head. Make some head cheese with it.

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