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Latest "innocent' plant, Khizr Khan, is part of DNC attempt to defeat reason

People who don't like Donald Trump want to get traction from acting like they don't know anything about Trump or about what he says. They act like Muslims living in this country, for however long, have never killed anyone. 

It's not a very smart position, but this is what is necessary to make the Republican candidate less than reasonable. Often the media act like this; often Trump calls them out, which they don't appreciate. The latest dust up, with Mr. Khizr Khan, an "inpromptu" speaker at the DNC convention in Philadelphia.

To be sure, Trump calls out the media for being unfair (or stupid), which they don’t appreciate. Republicans don't usually do that. Even Republicans in the Senate and House of Representatives, including House Majority Leader Rep. Paul Ryan, don’t generally call out the liberal media for being dishonest, or lying. They need to take lessons from Trump.

The result is that people in the media, including the editors at Vox, and even Meghan Kelly, act like they don’t know anything when questioning people who support Trump. The latest example of this is a speech at the Democratic National Committee meeting in Philadelphia, featuring, Khan, the father of someone who was killed in Iraq. Kahn wasn't there just to talk about his son. He accused Trump of not understanding the U.S. Constitution or doing nothing to sacrifice for his country. Trump did not respond well, and questioned why Kahn’s wife did not speak while her husband did.

Kahn said Trump “has sacrificed nothing and no one.”

He also claimed that Trump neither understands or has read the U.S. Constitution. But the truth is that Kahn was not the one who sacrificed his life, it was his son, who willingly served in the military. Kahn was simply an observer, who may not have even wanted his son to sacrifice anything, much less his life.

But this is beside the point. Trump had no intension of banning people like Khan, unless they are terrorists. As a war hero, his son was obviously not a terrorist. The moratorium on Muslims coming into the country, proposed by Trump, is the result of Muslims coming into the U.S. and then harming people.

There are really few or no examples of a grassroots effort in regard to anything that happens at DNC Conventions. Those who control the convention probably knew exactly what Kahn would say, and even that his wife would say nothing. Cold and calculating? Yes. But that’s Democrats. The last bit of grassroots effort they can really claim probably happened in the ‘60s. That’ why they hate the Tea Party movement. It’s a grassroots effort, not even controlled by the Republican Party.

But to Mr. Kahn’s point, he probably knows that Trump would let him and his family into the country. Kahn is simply being used by Democrats to make people think that Trump is unAmerican for not letting people like him into the country.

There are all kinds of people who believe this, simply because they don’t like how Trump is so outspoken. It’s probably a good idea to place a moratorium on Muslims coming into the country, so long as they aren’t being vetted. It’s more than reasonable. One could even say that under a Trump presidency, this family probably would be let into the country with open arms.

But so long as Trump is seen as unAmerican, that’s all that matters to Democrats. This is supposed to overcome the knowledge that people have about Hillary Clinton - that she set up her own computer server to hide files because they had information in them that could implicate her. Also, she knowingly had them destroyed. They were, and still are, government property, as are all emails while one is conducting government business.

Knowingly destroying government property, emails or not, is a felony - for anyone, including Hillary Clinton. If she knew it was going to happen and did not prevent it, or even attempt to, it is still a felony. Not providing information about the crime is obstruction of justice.

As for Trump, he probably has employed hundreds of Muslim people. It also does not matter how much Trump has sacrificed. Should all fathers use them at political rallies to show how much they have sacrificed? Probably not. His son chose to enlist in the military, knowing that there was a possibility that he would die, in Iraq or anywhere else he is stationed. The fact that his son died, and Kahn thinks Trump is not empathetic enough, does not overcome the fact that people died in Benghazi and Clinton lied about what happened to American families.

The suggestion that Trump does not understand or appreciate any father’s sacrifice for their children who serve in the military is ridiculous. People in the media want to latch onto someone or something that will give them an advantage over Trump. In the long run, it probably will make no difference.

One thing we can see is that journalists, like Meghan Kelly of Fox News, continue this charade of we don’t know anything about why Trump asked for a moratorium on Muslims entering the country in the first place. Presenting that story makes Kahn’s diatribe more reasonable.

Kelly talks to a Trump supporter, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, about the Kahn speech.

“(Kahn) is in a great position to criticize Donald Trump . . . “she says.

Of course that’s not the case.

“Donald Trump did not say that this family (or this young man) could not come into this country because they wanted to be Americans,” Huckabee says. “Donald Trump doesn’t want to make sure that every Muslim doesn’t come to America.”

There. He said it. He brought clarity and reason to what is unreasonable.

Why? Because people, liberals, and Kelly, want to believe the opposite.

What is accurate and factual is that, when this family came from the U.A.E., Trump would have gladly allowed them to come into the country. 

“This person is totally incapable of empathy, I want his family to council him, teach him,” Kahn said the day after his speech. But exactly what is Mr. Kahn asking Trump to do, demonstrate empathy for just the fallen Muslim soldiers from the U.S. or all soldiers?

It sounds like Mr. Kahn, like other Democrats, wants to decide how much empathy Trump should show toward families who have lost loved ones in any kind of military conflict. This gives them the upper hand. After all, it’s typically Republicans who are empathetic toward the military, as well as the police. Some Democrats yelled "Black Lives Matter," when an officer of the law attempted a moment of silence for police victims of violence. Five Dallas police officers were killed in the days leading up to the convention.

Mr. Kahn’s talk gives Democrats the upper hand, or one would think so, if one does not look beyond the performance. What’s necessary for that to happen is real ignorance though. One must suspend rational thinking or not have lived in the U.S. for the past year to know that Muslims have attacked peaceful people in the U.S. But even people in other countries know about this, just like we know about rape of  German women by Muslim immigrants there.

Trump does not need to read the U.S. Constitution to know that he will be better at protecting Americans from foreign and domestic attacks than Hillary Clinton. Mr. Kahn should know that also.

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