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Zombies rally for anarchy outside Trump rally

For the Donald Trump rally at Costa Mesa California, it’s just as important to watch and report on violent protesters as it is to report what happens inside. That’s because what happens outside gives validation to liberals that Trump is doing something wrong, and represents the wrong ideas. It’s Trump’s fault that these protesters are as excited, as violent as they are. We don't know anything about what he said at the rally inside; but we sure can quote the people outside the rally. This is real reporting.

It's what liberal news organizations love: protesters, the more violent the better - unless they are protesting something like a liberal - Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. But since conservatives don’t have enough time to spend protesting Bernie’s events, the only thing we see are violent people creating a riot outside of Trump rallies. When is the last time someone has seen a group protesting Bernie Sanders, someone whose policies are far more radical than those of Trump. It’s never happened.

For liberals, and leftists, and people in the media, Trump is the one who causes all of this strife, this angst; protesters are treated like children; they can’t control what they do. If he would say anti-American things like Bernie, they would respect that. But to talk about respecting a nation’s sovereignty is reason for people to act out of control, and its his fault.

These rioters are radicals, people who do not think people have a right to disagree with what people are saying. They don’t think that Trump has a right to say that this country is sovereign, in that we, as Americans, have a right to not allow people to cross into the country illegally.

You get this from some of the protesters who were quoted by the media:

From the Los Angeles Times, the front page picture, a hispanic looking woman hold a poster with some kind of a peace sign. What’s she doing there? Protesting for peace? They are forcefully declaring their opposition to the Republican candidate. In other words, don’t vote for Trump, or else. People who are exercising their freedom to vote for Trump are not legitimate.

This, despite the fact that the protest was really a riot. What is hard to determine is why as many rioters were allowed into the area in the first place. The rioters resemble mindless zombies against Trump, because they resemble zombies, part-humans who can’t control what they are doing. They are mindless, as the rioters outside of the Trump rallies are. Inside, controlled assembly; outside, out-of-control rioters.

"I'm protesting because I want equal rights for everybody, and I want peaceful protest," said 19-year-old Daniel Lujan, one of hundreds in a crowd that appeared to be mostly Latinos in their late teens and 20s.

"I knew this was going to happen," Lujan added. "It was going to be a riot. He deserves what he gets.”

This is the problem. What are equal rights for everybody? Not everybody has equal rights. People who come from other countries do not have a right to cross the southern border with the United States, illegally. They can’t, they live in other countries. That’s not equal rights. And Lujan said he wanted a peaceful protest. Then he says he knew it was going to be a riot. He deserves what he gets. Because Trump complains about illegal immigration, he deserves lawless rioters.

To Arianna Perez, 19, the flaring of tempers over Trump were a necessary reaction to the inflammatory rhetoric of his campaign.

A back window of a police car was smashed. A protester says, “I think Donald Trump did it.”

David Villanueva attributed the disorder to the last-minute news about Trump’s arrival, which he said didn’t give civil rights leaders much time to organize the community.

When community organizers have time to plan, he said, protesters are more likely to protest peacefully.

“Rallies that take to the streets are usually led by a group, and are not wild and all over the place like tonight," said Villanueva, a member of Chicanos Unidos in Santa Ana, an organization that was part of the anti-Trump demonstrations.

So what he is saying is that if there more time, traffic would not have been blocked, metal guards would not have been knocked down, police property would not have been damaged. It’s all nonsense. He was part of the protest. If only he had more time to plan, people would have been peaceful and allowed all of the people in who wanted to attend the event. Or, if they had enough time to plan, the event might have been cancelled like it was in Chicago.

People are not ashamed to stand by destroyed property. You can see the flash of cell phone cameras. Many of these people are hispanic. In some strange way, they feel good about themselves because they can stand by destroyed property, especially police property. Such sweet Hispanics boys and girls. For these Hispanics, this is civil disobedience; destroy property, threaten people, block traffic. Cause mayhem. It’s like they want superman or batman to come down and tell them they are stupid. Nobody else will do it.

This is what is happening across the U.S. When politicians say certain things, we don’t believe they have the right to say what they say. So instead of having a civil discussion, a simply debate, the opposition does not want to allow them to say anything as all.

Here is what passes for intelligent dialogue for liberals: a group hurling debris at a pickup truck, who they though was a Trump supporter; another group of protesters carried benches and blocked the entrance to the 55 Freeway along Newport Boulevard, some tossing rocks at motorists near the onramp.

It all makes sense, if you are a zombie that has lost control of your senses. It’s like a scene from a zombie movie where the zombie walks out into traffic, causing all kinds of mayhem. But this is Bernie and Hillary mayhem. What you don’t see is complaints and condemnation from the left about what is obviously a destructive activity.

And it’s a controlled activity; it’s an activity that is organized by Hispanic groups who don’t like what Trump has to say. But it’s a controlled activity of thugs, trouble-makers, as well. The Democratic Party has long been involved in suppressing or oppressing people they disagree with. It’s happened quite often, but as Trump says, the press is dishonest, and has a short memory when it comes to leftists.

Look at what happened in Wisconsin when he governor tried to decrease the bargaining rights of teachers in the state. There was mayhem in the capital; hundreds of protesters came to the capital to protest. But when these kinds of the people, leftists, protest, they seem to have a need to disregard the rights of others. They camped out in the capital rotunda, as though it was their property. This is what leftists are like. It’s like picking a fight with a fool or a crazy person. It doesn’t matter if you win, you still lose.

It happens at college campuses even for something as someone talking about something like Islam, or immigration rights, or evolution vs. creation. People have protested Stephen Meyer giving a talk about intelligent design, as though this were a dangerous topic for some college students.

The normal definition of a protester is someone who stands outside in their area with a sign, peacefully protesting. But that image has gone. The activity now is that one must have a bullhorn. In some ways, it resembles an army drill seargant; the drill sergeant starts out and the rest chime in. They think this is clever. They are so proud of themselves. What do we want, blank, when do we want it, now, etc.

Costa Mesa police confirmed that 17 people -- 10 males and seven females -- were arrested on suspicion of unlawful assembly. What did these people do to be guilty of unlawful assembly? Did they not have a permit to assembly? There is video of people knocking over a barricade, stomping on a police car. Perhaps that’s what they meant by unlawful assembly, knocking over a steel barricade. We don’t like barricades. They prohibit our exercise of lawful assembly.

About five police cars were damaged in total, police said, adding that some will require thousands of dollars' worth of repairs. "Dump the Trump," one sign read. Another protester scrawled anti-Trump messages on Costa Mesa police cars. Does it help one’s cause to scratch a police car, damage police cars. I suppose if you are a zombie, it will help a lot.

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-Whittier), chairwoman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, said there is "no doubt" Trump’s candidacy has made the Latino community "a target for hateful rhetoric, and in some cases physical violence.”

What kind of violence is she talking about? The rape and murder of a young woman in San Francisco, one of the sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants?

When we resort to violence, we’re playing into the very hands of people like Donald Trump, she said.

Sanchez is admitting that the we, the people who are protesting, the violent, the rioters, the people who destroy property, are her people. It’s a stunning admission. But it’s not surprising. And how would this play into the hands of people like Trump. Who are the people like Trump? Are they the other people who are in favor of upholding the laws, opposing illegal immigration?

There are other riots (or rallies for Democrats) that are the ideas of leftists that have cost cities millions of dollars in damages similar to the anti-Trump protesters. One of them was the 99 percent. This was supposed to be the premier anti-establishment, ultimate leftist groupie protest to end all protests. It cost cities like New York City millions of dollars in paying police overtime, destruction of property. The protesters camped out in parks, where there was inadequate toilet facilities, resulting in unsanitary conditions, and dangerous conditions. These 99 percent camps set up in the downtown areas of every major city, but especially the more liberal ones. There were rapes reported. There was a murder.

This is very real for liberals like Hillary and Bernie. It’s real because for liberals, it’s an authentic protest. It doesn’t matter how violent it turns, it’s still real and authentic for them. Democrats are famous for this. Operatives with the Democratic Party hired someone to don a chicken outfit just to harass a political opponent. This person later showed up at the White House on the Clinton payroll.

Trump is supposed to denounce the KKK and David Duke, but Hillary and Bernie have said nothing about these rioters, even though they are probably Bernie and Hillary people, members of the Democratic Party. They would claim them, pay their bail or court costs. This is about as grassroots as the Democratic Party gets. That’s why the Democrats and liberals hate the Tea Party group, it’s an authentic grass roots organization.

But the fact is that they are eerie in how much they resemble the activities of zombies. How do we solve the problem of zombies? Before they kill, they have to be killed. Unfortunately, when these leftists accumulate together, like maggots, ants, bees, they are dangerous. It’s dangerous to have them assemble. After dusk, evening, a certain percentage of them will turn violent, wild, zombie -like. And then what happens? Property gets destroyed. Who will pay for the destroyed police property.

Since zombies are not real people, they can’t be held responsible for the destruction of property. Neither will the rioters at Trump rallies.

© 2016 Larry Ingram

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