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Us Too for Christians, Republicans and Conservatives

Mike Pence might want to start his own Me Too movement for Christians and Republicans or conservatives after the Academy Awards program Sunday night. Pence and Pres. Trump were mocked by host Jimmy Kimmel; it was quite a political event. But it should be no surprise to Americans who have stayed away from watching the three hour program televised on ABC. The last two years, the Academy has chosen hosts who have been openly critical of Trump in their monologues. 

Jimmy Kimmel, an avowed Catholic Christian, has been particularly critical of Trump. Pence has been verbally attacked on numerous occasions, or simply not given the benefit of the doubt. In fact, the North Korea leader's (Kim Jong-un) sister (Kim Yo-jung) was thought of more highly than Pence during their brief meeting during the Olympics in South Korea. She was given the benefit of the doubt, though her brother is responsible for brutally killing people, millions of them in North Korea:

Kim Jong-un's sister turns on the charm, taking Pence's spotlight - New York Times

The Ivanka of North Korea. Meet Kim Yo-jong - Washington Post

In other words, a conservative Christian does not  rank as high as the sister of a murderer. Perhaps the New York Times and Washington Post should find a relative of Hitler and anoint her as the next leader of the free world. But this is how liberals think. Anything must be better than a Christian in politics.

This makes sense to Democrats and liberals in the mainstream TV news, but not for everyone else in America. They can't give unconditional love to just anybody, like Pence. 

Hollywood is contrite about how they, meaning Harvey Weinstein, et al, have harassed women for decades. Nearly everybody in Hollywood jumped on the Me Too bandwagon. But how long would this last?

People who are familiar with Hollywood and how it works know that this sense of outrage or courage would only last so long before it's back to the same ethical standards.

Hosts for the Academy Awards have been chosen for how critical or nasty they have been in their TV monologues to Republicans or outspoken Christians, like Trump and Pence. Last year they chose Stephen Colbert - it’s English, but he likes the French pronunciation. This year it was next in line, Kimmel.

That means two so-called Christians (they profess to be Catholics) have hosted the Oscars the past two years. Both, like much of Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, et al., are obsessed with Donald Trump. Colbert so much so that one night he dressed (or said he did) like Trump, with a similar solid tie on one of his shows.

Let’s see how this moral outrage works for liberals. You correct some bad behavior, but then continue some others. That’s because for liberals, compassion and outrage is selective, and has no moral foundation. We want equal rights, but not rights for those kinds of people.

We want to confess our sin against women, at least we would if we believed in sin, but not all sin. What we are left with is a relative outrage that is pretty much meaningless. Most people can see this, thus the low ratings of the Academy Awards. Americans are tired of being preached to, especially when nearly half the country elected Trump, with Pence as his vice president.

At one point during the program, Common (the rapper turned actor),  gave the National Rifle Association a bad rap (pun intended). Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, along with other liberal activists stood behind him as he read his “poetry.”

[Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you look at it) single black females are Planned Parenthood’s best customers and have a much higher incidence of abortion (using Planned Parenthood abortion services) - getting abortions at Planned Parenthood) than any other racial group in the U.S.]

This tone works in Hollywood, New York City, and in a few other places where liberals think they are smarter than the rest of Americans. But it doesn’t work for people who vote in the rest of the country. Most of them are generally disgusted by the moral preening of people in Hollywood.

Both Kimmel and Colbert have comedy writers who have political views similar to theirs. Some of them have twitter feeds that are so profane that they could not be repeated on radio. Their minds are generally in the gutter.

Colbert claims to be a Christian, and attends Catholic church every Sunday with his children, like Kimmel. Because they are liberals in a liberal cities, and attack Trump, they are probably not harassed while walking to church. Colbert says he does not want his young son to watch his shows.

The intersection between these comedy writers is not God, it’s liberalism, which is basically a morality that makes fun of anything, including the president, so long as nobody gets hurt - at least no blacks or minorities or gays or lesbians or illegal aliens living in the U.S.

New York or Los Angeles comedy writers can have successful careers, and even write for someone who have some semblance of morality. In Hollywood or New York City, that’s okay, because in those places, there is no moral standard other than what celebrities and liberals can promote.

But how many actors and actresses signed on to Harvey Weinstein films projects during the past three decades, knowing that he may have abused and or raped actresses? It’s probably in the hundreds, not including producers, writers, other people who worked for the Weinstein companies. Altogether, it’s probably in the thousands.

Weinstein was one of the most prolific, and possibly best of the combination of producer and promoter in Hollywood. All of these people looked past his personal foibles during his long and successful career and said nothing, including Meryl Streep, one of the most powerful women in Hollywood.

Here’s the news from twitter about Stephen Colbert: he is officially obsessed with Donald Trump, and Trump administration, the Trump family, Omarosa, Hope Hicks, Jered Kushner, Ivanka Trump, or anything else you can think of related to Trump and his presidency. He does not think Trump should be president and seems to be a full fledged member of the Resist (Trump) movement, no matter how wacky and irrational it may be. Democracy for Colbert should be undone of someone like Trump can be elected.

This is kind of similar to Muslim or Communist countries, like Russia, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, that really don't respect people enough to trust them to freely vote for someone. The irony is that liberals think Russian involvement in our election process is not good. At the same time, they are willing to forego or invalidate those freedoms if they don't like the result.

In the past four days, Colbert mentions Trump, Congressman Devin Nunes, Trump’s Commerce Chief, both of Trump’s sons. He is in line with most other liberals in New York City, or other news organizations that are fixated on Trump: MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, etc. Kimmel has a similar fixation, but it’s probably not quite as bad.

What's is bad about all of this is that mocking someone who demonstrates Christian character seems normal too them. It's normal for liberals. It's normal for people living in liberal cities as well. But it's not normal for everyone else in America. What is normal in America is to reward courage of conviction, sacrifice, Christian character.

Hollywood would like to have it both ways: they would like to treat women well and encourage them, but harass people who have the courage to stand up for Christianity or the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s a combination that does not work. It's toxic. Most anyone can see that. It does not matter of a popular night time TV host promotes it or thinks it's acceptable.

This has been a consistent message that is irritating to the American people. It's the reason why ratings have been down for the AcademyAwards program. It's not entertaining for most Americans to be preached to or at by people who are not necessarily admirable. 

Americans can see through the messages from people like Meryl Streep. The message is: their morals are great; yours aren't. We know better.

What this means is that if the election were held today, Trump would probably win, and Hillary would lose. But more than that, the majority of the electorate believe in Trump and Pence more than Colbert or Kimmel. They may be well-paid comedians, but they don’t really represent America.

Insulting our vice president, to a sizable segment of the population, is like insulting Americans, or worse, insulting the courage of one's conviction. It’s like insulting Billy Graham. Nobody would insult Billy Graham because he prayed and asked God to speak to him. But liberals regularly insult Pence, simply because he is a committed Christian.

Thinking about movements, we may need an Us Too movement representing how these kinds of unwelcome messages and hate have been forced upon Americans. And while we're at it, give an award to Mike Pence, for having to endure the scorn of Academy Award fools.

© 2018 Larry Ingram

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